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Poopert plushes are back!

Just in time for Brown Friday! 

After some time away from some much-needed rest and relaxation,
Poopert plushes are back with brand new, fully embroidered faces!

They’re available now through Gumroad or Etsy (and coming soon to eBay).
More details in the store (click here)!



Poop Office #2 on Comixology

Poop Office #2 cover


Poop Office #2 is now available from Comixology. It’s full color, high resolution, and only $1.99.

Join Poopert and his co-workers for more exciting adventures in the thrilling second issue! Featuring office Chrustmas parties, a broken photocrapier machine, and Mr. Poopson’s first name! Also includes deleted scenes from the cutting room floor!

This issue is also available for the Amazon Kindle and as a DRM-Free PDF. Same price!

Comic Strip – Problem